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We live in an information-rich society where those who have the knowledge and skills to discover, present, visualize and process information will lead the way. Creighton’s Department of Journalism, Media & Computing is a cutting-edge, forward-thinking department that prepares graduates for success in this information-rich world by melding programs in Journalism, Graphic Design and Computer Science. The JM&C curriculum is designed so that basic courses and collaborative experiences with faculty provide a strong foundation in writing, design and programming. Within the majors and tracks, students build on this broad understanding to specialize in majors in Journalism (with tracks in Advertising, News, and Public Relations), Graphic Design (Multi-Media & Photojournalism track and Graphic Design track), and Computing Science and Informatics (Computer Science track and Digital Development track).  The Department of Journalism, Media & Computing is committed to providing students with the ethical foundation, latest tools and methodologies, collaborative learning experiences and opportunities outside the classroom to apply their knowledge and skills.

Journalism, Media & Computing Core Classes

Journalism Major

Advertising Track
The key to success in today’s highly competitive world of Advertising is a combination of writing, strategy, graphics, and an understanding of the digital communications environment. Our Advertising Track offers students a well-rounded curriculum as well as hands-on experience through our award winning Soup Line student advertising agency in which students work as a team under faculty guidance to create an advertising campaign for a nonprofit organization. Students gain significant work for their portfolios, master the use of social media and learn to think like entrepreneurs. Our strong internship program gives them a head-start on their careers.

News Track
Creighton’s News Track prepares students for a changing professional environment through a combination of rigorous instruction in writing, reporting and editing with experience in convergent technology. Careers in all forms of news demand that students develop a command of social media, graphic design and the digital environment as well as traditional skills such as writing and interviewing. Our news majors also work on our award-winning student newspaper, the Creightonian and the Creightonian Online. Our strong internship program offers students in a variety of writing, editing and design opportunities.  It gives them a head start on their careers. They can write, shoot and edit a documentary as part of the summer international Backpack Journalism Program in such countries as the Dominican Republic or Uganda. The Backpack Journalists also blog and write stories about the people and culture they experience for a multimedia website.

Public Relations Track
Public Relations students at Creighton prepare for diverse careers in this field including corporate and nonprofit communications, event planning, media relations, employee communications and fundraising through a well-rounded program emphasizing writing, strategic thinking, graphic design, basic video and photography, event planning and use of social media. From their first class, they do real work for real clients and develop strong portfolios that help them get internships and jobs. The Public Relations Student Society of America chapter connects PR majors with professionals in Omaha and elsewhere. PR majors gravitate to leadership positions on campus that further prepare them for this field and they find internships in athletics, the arts, education, politics, major businesses and nonprofits that give them strong career experience before they graduate. This track is also an excellent pre-law major because of its emphasis on writing and advocacy.


Graphic Design & Media Major

Graphic Design majors receive a well-rounded education in print and web design, interactive multimedia, video and still photography, typography and animation that prepares them for this dynamic field. Because Creighton has one of the few Apple Authorized Training Centers in the Midwest, students can earn Apple certification in programs such as Final Cut Pro by passing an exam at the end of their courses rather than going through expensive post-graduate certification courses. Our student-run Studio Blue does professional design work for clients in the community. Graphic Design majors also work on our award-winning student news organization, the Creightonian. Numerous internship and freelance opportunities help students build the portfolios that lead to jobs in public relations and advertising agencies, graphic design firms and businesses and nonprofits.

Multi-Media & Photojournalism Track

Graphic Design Track


Computing Science & Informatics Major

In an increasingly high-tech world, graduates with knowledge and skills in computing and information technology are always in demand. Computing careers such as software engineer, Web designer, game developer, systems analyst, database manager, and network administrator can be challenging, dynamic, rewarding, and lucrative. The Informatics & Computing Science major provides practical knowledge and skills for the information technology jobs of today, while also building the critical reasoning and communication skills necessary for a career in which learning and adapting to new technologies are essential. A variety of internship opportunities are available, as well as student research experiences for majors pursuing graduate studies.

Computer Science Track

Digital Development Track

You Might Enjoy this Program If You: 

Really like writing, photography, or videography Find designing and editing in the digital world fascinating, love computer science and programming, or are interested in using your skills both on- and off-campus

Career Outlook: 

Most JM&C majors who want jobs in their fields find them within a few months of graduation although individual experiences vary. Creighton’s overall reputation in combination with strong writing, computer science and design programs as well as faculty assistance promote job placement. In addition, JM&C alums all over the country are willing to assist recent grads who move to their cities.

Program tabs

Backpack Journalism

A program that travels the world exploring the concept of backpack journalism while incorporating a theological perspective on the experience. Students write, shoot and edit a documentary as well as contribute to a multimedia blog. Esperanza, the first project, won several regional awards.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

For more information, please visit the PRSSA website.

Studio Blue

Studio Blue is a student-run design studio based at Creighton University.

The Creightonian and The Creightonian Online

Creighton's weekly campus newspaper printed on each Friday.

Journalism Internship Opportunities

Internships are available to majors across the curriculum, both on and off campus. We have students who have interned at companies in Omaha, on both coasts, and overseas. Because an internship is basically a part-time job, students should keep an up-to-date professional resumé and be prepared to write cover letters to companies and organizations seeking interns. Students should also maintain highest-quality samples of their work, ideally that can be viewed or experienced online.


For scholarship information, visit the JM&C Department website